Hello everyone,

I received several questions regarding the organization of my exhibition, so I decided to dedicate an article to give you the details.

I paint mainly at night, it is at this moment that the inspiration comes to me, when the agitation of the city is dropped and that calm reigns again in the streets of Paris. I was motivated by the idea of ​​organizing my exhibition, even ephemeral, it was a goal to achieve, so I had to be creative and make enough paintings.

I first looked for an atypical place in the center of the city, easy access (metro, parking, bus). I was looking mainly in the Marais district for its very trendy and artistic side, but it was not so simple because there were no spaces large enough, more supplies were very small.

I then turned to the 8th and 9th for their tourist associations and close to many museums, galleries and theaters. The only criterion that was important to me was to be able to project me in the place, as one would imagine living in an apartment during a first visit.

I finally found a bright space in Porte Maillot, airy with large white walls that can accommodate my paintings of special format. What luck !

It was an old gallery, created in 2010, on the ground floor of the mythical « blue building » built in the 1970s by Pierre Dufau. The recent renovation of the building has freed up and devote a large space to contemporary art. Its exceptional bay windows make it a source of light that perfectly underlines the works of the artists on display. Specialized in large formats, the gallery has hosted many painters, photographers, sculptors. Escaping any predefined artistic line, it has given way to abstract, figurative and conceptual art.

After this crucial step, I had to negotiate, schedule and organize the event. The negotiation was done in several stages, especially during various meetings, I had first to convince Gallery 89 to let me occupy its walls for a week, then we exchanged about benefits, security and several other details.

As for the organization of the exhibition as such, I received the precious help of a passionate young woman who will recognize herself. We thought and redesigned the locations, the lights, the amuse-bouche, the music and the communication for 2 months.
The exhibition was held the week of March 26 to 31, 2018, free admission from 10am to 19h and the opening took place on Thursday, March 29 from 19h.

The organization of the opening was done over a period of 1 month. Communication, logistics, singing group, catering, valet parking, security, insurance, invitations, choice of paintings, theme, payment methods, the reception of my clients, the presentation of works. .. all these elements had to be treated in such a way as to leave nothing to chance.

I opted for a chic and refined atmosphere, calling on a « family » caterer who prepares all the tasting the same day, by their care in their family workshops, organic products and very good quality, bamboo cutlery , to remember this side very present in my art as nature in its entirety but also its protection. We chose a presentation that refers to the pearls I use using cultured pearls and many other details to be in tune with my artistic world.

I had the opportunity to call on a group of musicians for a more lively and relaxed atmosphere. This atmosphere is not necessarily at the rendezvous with a simple playlist, which was also a great success because the guests were also singing.

Regarding the logistics of the event, I started by developing my communication materials, preparing my flyers, inviting, creating Facebook page, distributing the event to hotels, café restaurants nearby, communicating a maximum on other social networks as well as the posting of my website.

Before sending the invitations I set up a database of all my contacts as well as new surveys of people in art, journalist and celebrities.

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My first exposure was a real sense of happiness and accomplishment. 60 people were present on 100 invitations sent, I think we all have deep inside, whatever the occasion, an apprehension about this type of situation « and if no one comes? » luckily it quickly evaporated when the guests arrived.

I obviously encountered some unforeseen such as the TPE credit card payment management time and the time granted to each, I had to find a solution by taking the coordinates of each of my customers and organize a delivery in the days who followed. I felt that my paintings had really pleased and inspired the people who were kind enough to honor my invitation, I took good as bad reviews as essential points of the evolution of my work and personally I had a great week, sharing my art, discussing my inspirations and selling my paintings is the accomplishment of a first big step in my life as an artist.

I thank the people around me for giving me advice and guidance to make this dream a reality.</ strong>